Robert Vendemmia
Owner / Artist

         Hi,  I'm Robert Vendemmia.  I've been tattooing in the Frederick are for 10 years.   I was an artist and musician all my life.  Aside from art classes at school and community college I have always liked art and practiced it. I have always drawn in color and black and white. I had done some painting in my youth but mainly began in college as I learned water color painting. I then learned to work with oils and acrylics on my own. Colored pencils and charcoal have been mediums I particularly enjoy as well.


        While getting my associates degree I was a shop hand at Bullett's Ink in Mt. Airy Maryland.  I began apprenticing after two years of helping out at Bullett's Ink. I was an apprentice of the owner named Bullett. I tattooed there for two whole years and then took a job at a shop call X2Ink, which was in Germantown Maryland. I left there after being there almost a year. I moved all my equipment into my home and made a studio in my basement and started a company called Vendemmia Art Company. I worked alone until the end of 2014. I then made a studio in Urbana Maryland called Black Dragon. I had a partner in that business. Due to problems as a partnership I terminated the company an began a new one called Tattoo Alchemy in the same location until November of 2015. On the 1st of December 2015 Tattoo Alchemy opened its doors at 415 N.Market St. Frederick, Md.


        Tattoo Alchemy has been a lot of fun thus far. Artists Cory Lance and Amy Tippet have been my team for over a year. Our shop has been an enjoyable tattoo shop for us who tattoo and for our customers who have all been great and are very welcomed at Tattoo Alchemy. My business model has always been to try and achieve everything my customers would like in their tattoos. Sometimes doing so requires some homework and studying different styles to create the desired tattoo for every customer. It seems to be appreciated by the people I have worked on. I intend to stay helpful and mindful of my current and future customers ideas and desires in their tattoos.


       I hope to meet you all who have an interest in Tattoo Alchemy!

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